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8 Money Smart Reasons to Stage Your Home Today!

Stagers and real estate agents agree, home staging results in a quicker sale for more money. I can think of 8 money smart reasons!

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When it comes to staging your house prior to listing it for sale, you are probably like many – sitting on the fence. You love your home, and just cannot see the reason you should have it staged.  After all, you’re leaving, why put the investment in? But, wouldn’t you want to sell your home home quicker and for more money? The answer should be YES!

The results speak for themselves. According to a report by the National Association of Realtors® (NAR), about one-third of buyer’s agents said that staging increased the dollar value offered between one and five percent compared to other similar properties on the market that are not staged. In fact, Dudum Real Estate Group states the return on their clients staging investment nets $16.45 for every $1 spent staging a home.  That’s impressive!

And, the Real Estate Staging Association® (RESA) reports properties staged before listing sell 90% faster.

Christine Rae, CEO of CSP International™ Business Staging Academy and author of ‘Home Staging for Dummies’ and ‘SOLD’ writes in a recent article:

Seven out of every ten millennials are willing to pay more money for move-in ready property. Why? The main reasons are financial. They have scraped all the money together for the deposit, but they don’t have cash flow to support renovations after move-in. They can readily access long-term, low-rate mortgages, which makes it easier to afford a higher price point. Ultimately, they don’t have the skills to do the work after they move in – and they don’t want to learn. These are all important things to know because 66% of first-time buyers are millennials.”

Honestly, we could go on and on with statistics and information about staging – the information above gives you the key points and below the top 8 reasons to stage:

staged homes sell faster for more money

The Top 8 Reasons Why You Should Stage Your Property Before Listing:

  1. Staged properties sell faster than non-staged properties.
  2. Staging your house provides for excellent photographs for the online listings – where most buyers start their search.
  3. Staging creates that all important first impression – offering the WOW factor of your property.
  4. Staged properties sell for more money
  5. Your house will be move-in ready if it is staged – something buyers are looking for.
  6. Buyers can visualize themselves living in the home.
  7. Staging highlights unique and special features of the home.
  8. Staging tells your potential buyer the property is well-maintained.

One last thought – if you were going to sell your car, you would invest the time and the money in detailing it prior to putting it up for sale – why wouldn’t you do the same for your house?

So, the next steps if you’re considering selling, book a staging consultation here. or contact me to learn more.

As an accredited CCSP® trained stager, I will take my training and knowledge of the real estate industry and focus on helping you maximize your profits when selling your home!

Until next time……Leigh! Owner of Stage and Style by Leigh

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